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INNOSETA a new European thematic network for innovation in application techniques, spraying practices and training
Codis Sébastien, Eirios Hugo, Adrien Verges, Xavier Delpuech – IFV
Montserrat Gallart, Emilio Gil – UPC
Ivo Hostens – CEMA

PulvéLab : an experimental vineyard for the development and evaluation of innovative digital solutions for precision spraying
Xavier Delpuech, Adrien Verges, Adrien Lienard, Anice Cheraiet, Sébastien Codis – IFV
Mathilde Carra, Xavier Ribeyrolles, Olivier Naud, Jean-Paul Douzals – IRSTEA

Boosting agricultural scientific research and innovation through challenges: the ROSE challenge example
Avrin Guillaume, Delaborde Agnes, Galibert Olivier – LNE
Boffety Daniel – IRSTEA

Spot spraying in oil seeds and protein crops
F.Vuillemin, JL. Lucas, Olivier Mangenot – Terres Inovia
Chalon – Groupe CAL
Marechal – Société MARECHAL
C. Gée – AgroSup Dijon

Equipment for evaluating agricultural machinery impacts on soil physical and mechanical properties
Carolina Ugarte, Matthieu Forster  – UniLaSalle, Aghyle Research Unit
Andrii Yatskul, Simon Ritz – UniLaSalle

How to optimize your tillage with a better and cheaper approach
Michel-P Damiani – ACTIA

Connectivity of Agriculture Equipment
Christophe Gossard – John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

Machine to machine system for integral management of a farm
Rafael R. Sola-Guirado, Sergio Bayano-Tejero, Gregorio Blanco-Roldan, Sergio Castro-García, Jesus Gil-Ribes – University of Cordoba

Implementation and efficiency of electronics, a crucial issue for the agriculture of tomorrow
Ralph Leinenbach – Hydac

Smart hydraulics for autonomous vehicle
Clément Chassagne, Jean Heren, André Prigent – POCLAIN Hydraulics

The design and development of three planters (Marks 1, 2 and 3) to plant daffodil bulbs under agricultural upland grassland and a harvester to collect the above ground biomass
D R White, I J Loynes, S E Cooper – Harper Adams University
K Stephens, S Head – Agroceutical Products Ltd,
M D Fraser, H Vallin and J R T Davies – Pwllpeiran Upland Research Centre

Novel technological framework for digitalizing silage bale life cycle management
Katariina Penttilä, Ilpo Pölönen – Häme University of Applied Sciences
Antti Suokannas – Natural Resources Institute Finland

Simulation model development for advanced powertrains in agricultural Tractors
Antti Lajunen – University of Helsinki

Application of CFD technology for performance optimization of fan and cleaning system in a combine harvester
Daniele Speziani, Lorenzo Vagnetti – Phitec Ingegneria Srl
Mattia Mariani – Same Deutz-Fahr

Digital tools for a biomass prediction from a plant-growth model. Application to a weed control in wheat crop.
Merienne, A. Larmure, Ch. Gée – AgroSup Dijon

ICAM : A reference model to improve agro-equipment companies Development of a hybrid vegetable dryer
Paul-Eric Dossou – Icam, Université Paris-Est
Sylvain Lavelle – Icam, EHESS
Sylvain Morel – Icam